Self-Care Books for Therapists

Therapists and counselors often ask their clients how they are taking care of themselves. It’s an important part of therapy.

The big question is — How are therapists taking care of themselves? Are they doing for themselves what they expect their clients to do? Many therapists often put themselves last on their list of getting needs met.


Below is a list of books that they recommend in the training so that therapists understand the dangers of what can happen if they don’t take care of themselves like: compassion fatigue, secondary trauma, and burn out.

Keeping oneself in balance is essential and key to being a therapist who stays in the field for years and feel good about what they are doing. We hope these books will be useful in finding ways of making self-care an essential part of your practice as a therapist.


We hope these books will be helpful in developing your own self-care plan as a mental health professional.


Image Source: “Woman Reading by a Window”(C) 1895 Gari Melchers via Wikimedia Commons (CreativeCommons)