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The Maiberger Institute’s mission is to provide EMDR therapy training courses that meet or exceed standard EMDR therapy training courses to prepare mental health professionals to practice EMDR therapy. This website provides information on Remote EMDR Training courses, EMDR Certification, EMDR Consultations, and other EMDR Therapy tools and resources to help people heal PTSD, trauma, and other life disturbing events.

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The Maiberger Institute Remote EMDR Training course is a complete package. These 50 hour training packages will prepare therapists to help their clients heal from PTSD, trauma, and other life disturbing events, and how to integrate EMDR Therapy into their practice.

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Barb Maiberger has personally conducted over a hundred live EMDR training courses, and personally trained thousands of therapists in the practice of EMDR therapy.

Read some of our testimonials to learn how therapists have made EMDR Therapy a meaningful part of their practice.

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