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“Once you integrate EMDR Therapy into your practice the question becomes, ‘What do I do with the clients who are not ready for the trauma reprocessing protocol?’ Barb’s advanced workshop is the answer.  The resourcing tools that I gained in this workshop have done wonders for my clients with complex PTSD, developmental trauma, dissociative conditions and other severe forms of distress.  It’s been so neat to witness how these tools make a difference in my clients lives and in their ability to endure difficult circumstances.”

Angela Sasseville, MA, LPC, NCC
Flourish Counseling, LLC
Denver, Colorado

“I have completed several trainings with Barb Maiberger.  Each time I came away with insight and techniques that were instantly useful in my practice, and which translated into clear improvements with my clients. These trainings are professionally conducted by first-rate therapists who work extensively and effectively with highly challenging clients. No ‘Ivory Tower’ stuff here — you learn what to do, with which client, and why these techniques work. I feel like I finally learned to be a therapist after many years in the field.”

Randy Basden, MS, LPC
Douglas, Wyoming

“Beyond the basic EMDR Therapy course, I have attended Barb’s advanced courses including ‘Advanced Skills for Working with Complex PTSD’ and ‘Deepening Awareness through Somatic Interventions.’ In my 40 year career I have attended literally thousands of hours of continuing education courses. Barb’s courses stand out as some of the every best because that which you learn you can take to your office and use immediately. These courses are taught with an effective bland of discipline, professionalism, and fun. The mind, didactic, the body, action, are constantly connected as one experiences this process of learning and doing. If you cam to learn, you will not be disappointed. I encourage you to attend, learn, and enjoy, Barb and her colleagues are among the very best.”

Bruce L. Andrews, MS, LPC, LMFT
Sheridan, Wyoming

“Thank you, Barb, for his experience as your student in EMDR Therapy training. The curriculum was so well executed. Your sincere interest in reaching out to me as your student led me to feel as though this educational setting was personally designed to fit my learning style. It was truly challenging but I was given the reassurance needed to ‘just go with it.’ Barb, you personally made this small group learning environment successful. You helped me to lay aside 20 plus years of clinical experience practicing ‘my old way.’ I was then able to shift into the gears of this multifaceted EMDR Therapy concept; which applies the 8 phase protocol within this didactic 3 prong trauma theory.

I truly feel so much more equipped to satisfy my professional/life passion; that is to alleviate and/or extinguish the suffering of those having survived life traumas. I look forward to more advanced EMDR Therapy educational studies under your instruction.”

Arma Johnson, LCSW, ACSW, MSW, BCD, D.Min
Merrillville, Indiana

“I want to express my appreciation for your training.  Several years back, I attended a first weekend training that had a large number of people.  When I was done, I was reluctant to use EMDR Therapy in many situations and eventually stopped using it.  I found your training extremely helpful.  Being in a small group setting allowed me to get a significant amount of feedback, and I was also able to learn from the other group members.  The training you provided helped me expand my vision of how to use EMDR Therapy, and I am now using it regularly in my practice with exciting outcomes.”

Eva Ponder LCSW, Psy.D
Clinical Director
Cornerstone Counseling Center of Chicago
Chicago, Illinois

“Barb is a very gifted, experienced clinician who is truly an expert with EMDR Therapy.  She is a wonderful trainer who is extremely engaging, knowledgeable and professional.  Her EMDR Therapy training renewed my clinical passion and taught me a whole new repertoire of techniques that I am finding extremely useful and effective with my clients.  I highly recommend Barb’s training services.”

Joyce Marter, LCPC
Co-Owner & Psychotherapist
Urban Balance, LLC
Chicago, Illinois

“The EMDR Therapy training with Barb was great! She is very personable and presented the material in thorough and engaging ways. I especially liked the fact that in both the training and consultation sessions, it was obvious that she was committed to my personal and professional growth. I feel more confident in my use of EMDR Therapy because of her guidance and support.”

Skye Hopple
Greeley, Colorado

“Barb is a fabulous trainer and consultant.  Her knowledge base about EMDR Therapy is second to none and her enthusiasm for this therapy protocol is palpable.  I left the first and second weekends of the training so inspired to utilize the tools I had learned.  Even more, I had the confidence to begin implementing the techniques in a way that was helpful and safe for my clients.  Barb has a gift in her ability to give honest clinical feedback while leaving her trainees with confidence in their abilities to use EMDR Therapy effectively with their clients.”

Alexis Ball, MA/EdS, LPC
Denver, Colorado

“This training far exceeded my expectations and I believe in large part because of Barb’s expertise, her amazing strengths as a teacher, and her awesome sense of humor! I think that the whole set up was well done and I leave feeling lie my abilities as a therapist have been greatly enhanced for which I am most grateful.”

Marlis Marolt-Sender, MA
Aspen, Colorado

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