Self-Care Books for Therapists


Therapists and counselors often ask their clients how they are taking care of themselves. It’s an important part of therapy. The big question is — How are therapists taking care of themselves? Are they doing for themselves what they expect their clients to do? Many therapists often put themselves last…

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How Therapists Can Find Their Own Unique Self-Care Formula

"Girl with styrofoam swimming board" by Tommy Wong via Wikimedia Commons (2006 - CreativeCommons) -- English: A young girl taking a break in a swimming pool, grabbing on to a rainbow-coloured styrofoam flotation device.

This blog post was written by guest blogger, Katie Asmus, MA, LPC, BMP For all you therapists, healers, helper types out there… There is no magic formula for self-care. There is no “do-it-yourself-assemble-out-of-the-box-prototype” to follow. I, personally, find self-care akin to riding on a surf board atop a wave. I am…

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Why Therapists Need to Develop a Self-Care Plan

"Compassionate hands: taking care of our heart" by Enver Rahmanov via Wikimedia Commons (CC)

Psychotherapists and counselors are in the field of helping people: they are people who want to make a difference in the world. They give and give and give. What seems to be a common theme for many psychotherapists is that they often forget to give to themselves. They are easily…

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Books for Working with Complex PTSD and EMDR Therapy

signs and symptoms ptsd - by Gajah (Wikimedia Commons - CreativeCommons)

Therapists trained in EMDR Therapy often ask how to work with Complex PTSD due to the complexity of the treatment. An important aspects of working with Complex PTSD is learning how to resource the client so that they can stay present in their body and learn how to feel their…

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Somatic Psychology and EMDR Therapy

"car accident" by VladArtist

This blog post was written by guest blogger Dr. Arielle Schwartz, and was originally posted on her blog. A Synthesis of Healing A driver made a turn in front of me and suddenly I pressed hard on the brakes. My car slowed in the middle of a busy intersection. Crash!…

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Addictions, Trauma, and EMDR Therapy

The word “addiction” is a loaded word. Many people struggle with addiction on some level. It’s often hard to see or admit to oneself. Addiction can be complex in that it impacts people biologically, chemically, neurologically, psychologically, medically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually. What is in common with all addictions is the feeling…

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Reflections on Community and Vicarious Trauma

This post was written by Guest Blogger, Katie Asmus, MA, LPC. Katie Asmus and Barb Maiberger are also instructors for “Compassion Fatigue and Vicarious Traumatization Prevention for Therapists”  As empathetic beings, simply through being in relationship with others who’ve had hard experiences, it is common to experience increased anxiety, depression,…

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Registration Now Open for “Somatic Interventions and EMDR”

August 24 – 25, 2013 Location: Maiberger Institute 2995 Baseline Road, Suite 206 Boulder, CO 80303 [ interactive map ] Instructor: Arielle Schwartz, PhD, LPC Workshop Overview This two-day workshop will introduce Somatic Interventions that can be applied to the 8 Phases of EMDR. Somatic Psychology studies the relationship between the body…

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Registration Open for “EMDR Toolkit for Complex PTSD”

Advanced EMDR Workshop EMDR Toolkit for Complex PTSD June 29 – 30, 2013   Location: Maiberger Institute 2995 Baseline Road, Suite 206 Boulder, CO 80303 [interactive map] Instructors: Barb Maiberger, MA, LPC Katie Asmus, MA, LPC Workshop Overview This two-day training will cover advanced skills for clients with Complex PTSD…

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