Books for Working with Complex PTSD and EMDR Therapy

signs and symptoms ptsd - by Gajah (Wikimedia Commons - CreativeCommons)Therapists trained in EMDR Therapy often ask how to work with Complex PTSD due to the complexity of the treatment. An important aspects of working with Complex PTSD is learning how to resource the client so that they can stay present in their body and learn how to feel their feelings.

The following books are recommended by Barb Maiberger and Katie Asmus in their EMDR Advanced Workshop “EMDR Therapy Tools for Complex PTSD” to help therapists learn more about working with Complex PTSD and EMDR Therapy:

More EMDR Therapy Books can also be found in EMDR Therapy Tools and Resources page.

We hope these resources will help therapists build a library of knowledge in using EMDR Therapy successfully with clients struggling with Complex PTSD.

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Image Source: “signs and symptoms ptsd”  by Gajah (Wikimedia Commons – CC)