Books on Attachment Trauma and EMDR Therapy

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Laurel Parnell’s Attachment Focused EMDR: Healing Relational Trauma” is a widely referenced work in the working with attachment trauma and EMDR Therapy. One of the important things that Parnell discusses is how valuable it is to repair developmental wounding. This is a critical step in working with attachment trauma. When one doesn’t develop a secure attachment from getting “good enough” parenting, different deficits will develop, leaving one to find ways to cope on their own. These coping mechanisms are needed to survive as a baby, but can leave one struggling in adulthood.

Below is a sample of books recommended for learning more about about attachment trauma*:

The following are also great books for learning how to resource clients who are struggling with attachment trauma:

Creating a safe environment in EMDR Therapy to explore attachment trauma is essential to treatment. Learning how to navigate attachment trauma with EMDR Therapy can be tricky and seeking an EMDR Advanced Workshop on the subject is essential.

EMDR Therapy Tools for Attachment Trauma” is an EMDR Advanced Workshop offered by the Maiberger Institute that provides EMDR Therapists the opportunity to learn more about about healing attachment trauma with EMDR Therapy. Click on the button below to learn more this training.


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Image Source: “mother-390189_640” by PDPics via Pixabay (CC – Creative Commons)