What is the difference between receiving a “EMDR Training Certificate of Completion” versus becoming “Certified EMDR Therapist”?

Upon completion of Remote EMDR Training, you will receive an “EMDR Training Certificate of Completion” from the Maiberger Institute. This means you have been trained to practice EMDR Therapy, and you will be able to join our EMDR Therapist Directory for free.

Once you’ve completed EMDR Training and get listed on our Directory, you will have the option of becoming a “Certified EMDR Therapist” through the Maiberger Institute.

You do not need to be a “Certified EMDR Therapist” to  practice EMDR therapy.  However, therapists who continue on to become a “Certified EMDR Therapist” deepen their skill level as an EMDR therapist, and enjoy using EMDR therapy in more expansive and creative ways.

For those of you wanting become a “Certified EMDR Therapist” through the Maiberger Institute, please visit the EMDR Certification page.

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