How do I know if I am fully trained in EMDR therapy?

Whether or not a clinicians is considered “Trained in EMDR Therapy” will depend on when they completed their Remote EMDR Training program (aka EMDR Training, Basic EMDR Training, EMDR basic training, virtual EMDR basic training)


1) 2008 to present:

  • Therapist have completed Remote EMDR Training — 40 hours of training (Part 1 and Part 2) plus 10 hours of Group Consultation — and received a “Certificate of Completion”


2) Before 2008:

  • Completed “Level 1” AND “Level 2”, AND received a “Certificate of Completion” for both parts AND completed all requisite Consultation Hours from an standard EMDR basic training.
  • If a therapist has completed “Level 1” training (only) prior to 2008, the therapist is NOT considered a fully trained in EMDR therapy.

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