Translating EMDR Research Into Practice


The EMDR Research Foundation has started a new column entitled “Translating Research Into Practice”. This forum for researchers and clinicians is meant to share clinical experiences that help make meaning to the research so that the material becomes practical for other EMDR clinicians. This is one more way that the EMDR Research Foundation is helping build the EMDR community around the world.

To participate in this forum, the EMDR Research Foundation is looking for clinical case examples that were inspired by some research or feel would support that research. They are looking for EMDR therapists to share their stories of what they are seeing in their offices. If you were ever excited about a study and went into your office and tried what the researcher tried, write up a brief description of your case and what you found when you put this work into practice.

If you are a researcher and would like to share examples of what you are finding, this would also be an outlet for you to express your findings.

Those of you who are EMDRIA Approved Consultants and Trainers, can voice if there is a particular research article that helps with trainees understanding EMDR better, to bring that material forward to share.

The purpose is create a place for sharing information that is inspiring and spread knowledge to others. The EMDR Research Foundation believe this will bring the “Evidence-Based Practice to life”. The column will premiere soon in the Journal of EMDR Practice and Research. If you would like to contribute a case summary for the Translating Research Into Practice column, please email Katy Murray at [email protected].

If you want to get involved with the EMDR Research Foundation in other ways you can reach them at [email protected]