Maiberger Institute Launches New EMDR Therapist Directory

The Maiberger Institute is happy to announce the launch of our new EMDR Therapist Directory.

Many people are searching specifically for an EMDR therapist. As a result, many of these people from around the country end up on our site, and we have been giving out referrals on a weekly basis. This has become a challenge for us since we don’t always know where therapists’ offices are located, what population they work with, or whether they accept insurance or not.

To streamline this process, we have created the EMDR Therapist Directory where clients can do searches directly from our website to find qualified EMDR therapists. Only EMDR trained therapists will be listed on this site.

EMDR Therapist Directory

To better help clients connect with the right therapists, the directory allows clients to search based on zip code, population, specialties, insurance, etc. EMDR therapists can also look for other EMDR therapists for referrals and consultations.

The annual membership rate is $125 to be listed on the EMDR Therapist Directory. In celebrating the new release of this part of our website, we are offering a $25 discount for those who sign up by Oct. 31, 2012.

Just use this PROMO CODE when you sign up (case sensitive):


And feel free to share this code with any EMDR colleagues that might be interested in being listed.

The site is Google friendly, meaning profiles will show up on Google searches. And because we already get traffic from people looking for EMDR therapists, therapists’ profiles are more contextually relevant from a search perspective than a generic list of therapists.

We hope therapist will take advantage of this new feature on our site to promote their practice and to connect with clients directly.

Join EMDR Therapist Directory