The Story of Overcoming Trauma in Disney/Pixar’s ‘Inside-Out’


Spoiler Alert: This post will discuss characters, scenes, and plot points from Disney/Pixar’s “Inside Out” In Disney/Pixar’s “Inside Out”, the character Riley is depicted through her emotional world inside her brain and memories. When we first meet Riley, she is a happy 11-year old girl living in Minnesota with her mom and…

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The Role of Resourcing in Complex PTSD

The following post was written by guest blogger, Katie Asmus, MA, LPC, BMP Complex PTSD is so very. . . well. . . complex! Those who have experienced ongoing stressful (and perhaps even abusive) life circumstances know that the impact of such a chronic state of stress is long-lasting. Our…

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Books for Working with Complex PTSD and EMDR Therapy

signs and symptoms ptsd - by Gajah (Wikimedia Commons - CreativeCommons)

Therapists trained in EMDR Therapy often ask how to work with Complex PTSD due to the complexity of the treatment. An important aspects of working with Complex PTSD is learning how to resource the client so that they can stay present in their body and learn how to feel their…

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Proxemics and Nonverbal Communication in EMDR Therapy

Diagram representation of personal space limits. Inspired by Reaction-bubble.png by Libb Thims (WikiCommons - CC0)

In the field of somatic psychology, nonverbal communication is a key element. Nonverbal communication is the ability to read and understand people’s nonverbal signals. Have you heard the phrase “actions speak louder then words”? Well, it’s true! 60 – 70% of our communication is nonverbal while only 30 – 40…

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Working with Complex PTSD, Dissociation, and EMDR Therapy

Bahasa Indonesia: Ini adalah ilustrasi abstrak menggambarkan individu dengan gangguan identitas disosiatif. by 04Mukti

We often hear in the news about trauma and PTSD, but very little on Complex PTSD. So what is Complex PTSD? Here is what Wikipedia defines as Complex PTSD: “Complex post-traumatic stress disorder (C-PTSD) also known as developmental trauma disorder (DTD) or complex trauma is a psychological injury that results…

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Somatic Psychology and EMDR Therapy

"car accident" by VladArtist

This blog post was written by guest blogger Dr. Arielle Schwartz, and was originally posted on her blog. A Synthesis of Healing A driver made a turn in front of me and suddenly I pressed hard on the brakes. My car slowed in the middle of a busy intersection. Crash!…

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National Alcohol Screening Day

The average largest number of drinks consumed by binge drinkers on an occasion in the US in 2010. - CDC (via Wiki)

Today is the National Alcohol Screening Day (NASD). NASD held every year in the first week of April on that Thursday. NASD was created in 1999 by the National Institute of Health. The mission was to increase awareness of alcohol abuse and alcoholism. NASD was created in 1999 by the…

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Ask Your Doctor About the ACE Study on National Doctor’s Day

March 30, 2015 is National Doctor’s Day. This is a day to honor doctors who have dedicated their lives to helping other human beings live longer, healthier lives. Whether the doctors are involved in research or specialists or general practitioners, these doctors have made a huge sacrifice for our well-being.…

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EMDR Therapy YouTube Video from Netherlands


An EMDR Therapy promotional video from the Netherlands recently popped up on YouTube which included interviews with different therapists trained in explaining how the EMDR Therapy procedure works, along with two compelling stories of how EMDR Therapy helped these people recover from traumatic events. The first story shared was a woman…

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