Books on Working with Somatic Interventions and EMDR Therapy

Many EMDR Therapists receive training in body-centered ways of working with trauma to learn how to see trauma in the body and have interventions that will help the client move through and integrate the trauma more completely.

If you are an EMDR Therapist interested reading more about how trauma impacts the body/mind, and how to work in a body-centered way with clients, Barb Maiberger and Arielle Schwartz recommend the following books from their EMDR Advanced Workshop, “EMDR Therapy Tools with Somatic Interventions

1503 Connections of the Parasympathetic Nervous System

[Image Source: “1503 Connections of the Parasympathetic Nervous System” – Anatomy & Physiology, Connexions Web site (OpenStax College) – Wikimedia Commons]