Do I need to join the EMDR International Association (EMDRIA) in order to become a “Certified EMDR Therapist?”

No. You are not required to join the EMDR International Association (EMDRIA) in order to practice EMDR therapy, nor are you required to seek certification through EMDRIA in order to practice EMDR therapy.

In order to practice Remote EMDR Therapy, you will first need to obtain an “Remote EMDR Training Certificate of Completion” by completing a standard Remote EMDR Training program, like the one offered by the Maiberger Institute. The Remote EMDR Training offered by the Maiberger Institute will prepare you to practice Remote EMDR Therapy. Once you have completed the full Remote EMDR Training, you can practice EMDR therapy under your license, and you will be eligible to join our EMDR Therapist Directory (free).

After completing the Remote EMDR Training, you may go onto become an “Certified EMDR Therapist” through the Maiberger Institute, which requires additional client sessions, consultations, and training.

You do not need to become an “Certified EMDR Therapist” in order to practice EMDR therapy; you just need to complete the Remote EMDR Training and receive a “Certificate of Completion” to begin practicing EMDR therapy.



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