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Working with Complex PTSD, Dissociation, and EMDR Therapy

Bahasa Indonesia: Ini adalah ilustrasi abstrak menggambarkan individu dengan gangguan identitas disosiatif. by 04Mukti

We often hear in the news about trauma and PTSD, but very little on Complex PTSD. So what is Complex PTSD? Here is what Wikipedia defines as Complex PTSD: “Complex post-traumatic stress disorder (C-PTSD) also known as developmental trauma disorder (DTD) or complex trauma is a psychological injury that results…

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“Barb is a very gifted, experienced clinician who is truly an expert with EMDR Therapy.  She is a wonderful trainer who is extremely engaging, knowledgeable and professional.  Her EMDR Therapy training renewed my clinical passion and taught me a whole new repertoire of techniques that I am finding extremely useful…

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Attachment and EMDR Therapy: Adults

EMDR Therapy Tool for Attachment Therapy - Maiberger Institute - EMDR Advanced Training

Attachment and EMDR Therapy: Adults This two-day EMDR Advanced Training applies EMDR Therapy to Attachment trauma for working with adults. Lectures include the neurobiology of Attachment. Questionnaires and tools will be taught and practiced to help assess client attachment wounding. The 8 Phases of EMDR Therapy in relationship to Attachment…

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Self-Care for Therapists

Self-Care for Therapists - Maiberger Institute

Self-Care for Therapists — Training Overview This two day-day training is designed for therapists to learn self-care tools necessary in counteracting the challenges around Compassion Fatigue, Vicarious Trauma, and burnout that come from working with trauma. Through out this workshop, therapists will identify their strengths and vulnerabilities in regard to self-care…

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How to Find an EMDR Therapist

Since I teach EMDR Therapy, I often get asked for referrals for EMDR therapists. I found that trying to connect the right client with the right therapist was a little challenging since different therapists have a variety of specialties and work in different areas. With this in mind, I launched…

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Addictions and EMDR Therapy

EMDR Therapy Tools for Addictions - EMDR Advanced Workshop - Maiberger Institute

This EMDRIA approved EMDR Advanced Training is a two-day course covering how to work with addictions and EMDR Therapy through a trauma based model. The lectures and experiential exercises will explore stabilization and affect regulation skills to help create safety for the client. Participants will be able to put these…

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Somatic Interventions and EMDR Therapy

This two-day EMDRIA approved EMDR Advanced Training is an introduction to Somatic Psychology and how it interfaces with the 8 Phases of EMDR Therapy. Somatic Psychology studies the relationship between the body and psychological states by highlighting physiological patterns as a primary foundation of human behavior. Therapists will learn the history of somatic psychology and the basic…

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EMDR Certification

Requirements to become a “Certified EMDR Therapist”: Must have license/certification/registration to practice independently as a mental health professional. Must have completed a Maiberger Institute Remote EMDR Training program (or Maiberger Institute EMDR Training program). Received 20 hours of consultation from an Maiberger Institute approved EMDR Consultant: at least 10 hours…

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EMDR Advanced Trainings

The Maiberger Institute is an EMDRIA approved provider of the following EMDR Advanced Workshops. Please check the EMDR Events Calendar for dates, rates, and location of available EMDR Advanced Workshops. Eligibility Requirements for EMDR Advanced Workshops The Maiberger Institute is an EMDRIA approved provider of EMDR Advanced Workshops. These two-day workshops are designed…

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  Contact the Maiberger Institute Please contact Customer Support for the Maiberger Institute for questions regarding Remote EMDR Trainings, eligibility, policies, services, and products offered by the Maiberger Institute. Email: [email protected] Phone: 1-800-674-EMDR (1-800-674-3637) When corresponding, please leave the following information (all required): Full legal name (First M. Last) Preferred email account: Work…

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