Help the EMDR Research Foundation

The EMDR Research Foundation is asking all EMDR therapists to spread the news about Dr. Francine Shapiro’s new book, “Getting Past Your Past.” This book has inspiring stories for the general public to understand EMDR. It also includes tools for people to use to help them feel more in control of their lives. They are suggesting that every EMDR therapist get the word out to everyone and start talking about this book.

The best part is, 50% of the royalties from the book are going to be donated to the EMDR Research Foundation. So any purchase of the book is going to help with funding new research for EMDR.

In these hard economic times, research funding is harder to find. This project will help keep EMDR vital and alive through research studies. Those who already believe in EMDR understand the importance of using EMDR with their clients. But there are still people out there who don’t know about the benefits of EMDR, and want more research on EMDR. Help today by purchasing this book.

You can also support the EMDR Research Foundation directly by donate to the EMDR Research Foundation:

EMDR Research Foundation
5806 Mesa Drive, Suite 360
Austin, TX 78731


Click HERE to read the Maiberger Institute’s review of this Francine Shapiro’s book, “Getting Past Your Past.”

Click HERE to purchase your copy of “Getting Past Your Past” and to help fund EMDR research.