Somatic EMDR Workshops

Somatic EMDR Workshops - Somatic EMDR Tools for Attachment TraumaSomatic EMDR Workshops - Somatic EMDR Tools for Complex PTSDSomatic EMDR Workshops - Somatic EMDR Tools for Grief and LossSomatic EMDR Workshops - Somatic EMDR Tools for Trauma Treatment

Learning EMDR therapy can be quite exciting for therapists and can change the way they work forever. Over the years, the Maiberger Institute has discovered that many therapists become frustrated with the process of implementing EMDR therapy with more complex situations and populations. The key component that therapists are missing is integrating somatic interventions into EMDR therapy.

Each of our EMDRIA approved Somatic EMDR Workshop will transform your practice immediately by:

  • giving you the necessary somatic tools to successfully help clients with complex situations and populations
  • seeing change in your client’s ability to do EMDR therapy successfully
  • leaving session more confident, positive, and excited about your work
  • having a bigger impact on your clients lives

Each two-day Somatic EMDR Workshops includes:

  • Didactic lectures
  • Live demonstrations
  • Experiential practice to embody the somatic interventions
  • Detailed handouts with scripted protocols
  • Taught by trainers that are highly skilled and bring their own unique experiences and wealth of knowledge.

Please check the EMDR Events Calendar for dates, rates, and location of available Somatic EMDR Workshops.


Angela Sasseville MA LPC NCC - Denver Colorado 80211

“Once you integrate EMDR therapy into your practice the question becomes, ‘What do I do with the clients who are not ready for the trauma reprocessing protocol?’ Barb’s advanced workshops are the answer. The resourcing tools that I gained have done wonders for my clients with complex PTSD, developmental trauma, dissociative conditions and other severe forms of distress. It’s been so neat to witness how these tools make a difference in my clients lives, and in their ability to endure difficult circumstances.”<span class="su-quote-cite"><a href="" target="_blank">Angela Sasseville, MA, LPC</a></span>


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