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In order to meet the eligibility requirements for enrolling into EMDRIA approved EMDR Advanced Trainings, therapists must meet one of the two criteria:

1) 2008 to present:

  • Therapist have completed an EMDRIA approved EMDR Training — 40 hours of training (Part 1 and Part 2) plus 10 hours of Group Consultation — and received a “Certificate of Completion”

2) Before 2008:

  • Completed “Level 1” AND “Level 2”, AND received a “Certificate of Completion” for both parts AND completed all requisite Consultation Hours from an EMDRIA approved provider of EMDR Training.
  • If a therapist has completed “Level 1” training (only) prior to 2008, the therapist is NOT considered a fully EMDR trained as approved by EMDRIA.

EMDR Advanced Workshops provided by the Maiberger Institute are only open to therapists that have fully completed an EMDRIA approved EMDR Training. All therapist must provide a scanned copy of their EMDR Training Certificate of Completion to the Maiberger Institute prior to registration and payment in to confirm their eligibility.

Participants do not need to read all of the required books prior to the scheduled EMDR Training or Somatic EMDR Workshop.

Reading assignments and other homework will be sent via email as part of the training/workshop.

If a Participant wishes to have their book at the training, they can purchase the books online. If they are an Amazon Prime, they should receive books fairly quickly. Some of the books are available via Kindle.

Participants also have the option of seeing if their local bookstore carries any of the books on their shelves.

Books will not be available for sale at the training.


Manuals, handouts and other online materials are sent out via email about a week prior to the first day of scheduled EMDR Training or Somatic EMDR Workshop to the email address the Participant provided on their registration form.


If a Participant wishes to have their “Certificate of Completion” for either an EMDR Training or a Somatic EMDR Workshop reprinted, the Participant would need to email us from the original email account they used when they enrolled in the training/workshop. 

Participant would need to send an email to us  ([email protected]) with the following information:

  • Full Legal Name 
  • Mailing Address
  • Title of the training or workshop that you took from us in the past, including city, state, and dates.
  • Confirm how your name should appear on the certificate 


The fee to reprint a certificate is $25. Once we have received all necessary information then we will send you a payment link. Once payment is received we will print and then mail out a new copy to the mailing address you provide us with. 

* Additional information may be required in some cases including previous copies of certificate, driver’s license, graduate diploma, etc.


If the EMDR Training or Somatic EMDR Workshop you are interested in is presently full/sold-out, you have the option of either selecting another training/workshop that is presently on the EMDR Events Calendar, or you can choose to be placed on the waitlist.

The first step would be contact the Maiberger Institute ([email protected]) to pre-confirm your eligibility for the training/workshop you wish to be added.

Once your eligibility has been pre-confirmed, the next step would be to subscribe to our newsletter for either training or workshop updates. Once your subscription is confirmed, you’ll be placed on the waitlist.

Once a seat or a new training/workshop become available, those on the waitlist are contacted. Please note that being on the waitlist does not guarantee a seat in the intended training/workshop. Enrollment is first-come-first-served based on availability.


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