Remote Traumatization

"Remote Together A Therapist Guide to Cultivating a Sustainable Practice" by Barb Maiberger ~ 2021

The following is an excerpt from Barb Maiberger’s book, “Remote Together: A Therapist’s Guide to Cultivating a Sustainable Practice” (Copyright © 2021) Technological devices can be excellent tools that help people connect as well as feel validated and supported when they may otherwise feel alone, isolated, and abandoned. Using technology…

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Moving On From EMDRIA

Cancelling My EMDRIA Membership - Maiberger Institute

The Maiberger Institute’s mission is to provide EMDR therapy training programs that meet or exceed standard EMDR therapy training programs to prepare mental health professionals to practice EMDR therapy. Over the years, I have personally conducted over a hundred EMDR therapy training programs to help mental health professionals integrate EMDR…

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8 Phases of Remote EMDR Therapy

Now is the best time for therapists to lean into the important role they play in resourcing their communities, and it is always now. - Remote EMDR Therapy - Maiberger Institute

In recent consultation sessions, more and more EMDR therapists have been asking: how do I do remote EMDR therapy? For some therapists and clients, the transition from in-person sessions in an office to remote EMDR therapy sessions from their homes can feel as natural as breathing, while for others it…

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