The Trauma of Emotional Growth in Disney•Pixar’s “Inside Out 2”

Disney Pixar Inside Out 2 Poster

Spoiler Alert: This post will discuss characters, scenes, and plot points from Disney•Pixar’s “Inside Out 2” In Disney/Pixar’s “Inside Out 2”, the main character Riley has just turned 13 and is entering her tween years. We get to see Riley’s emotional world inside her brain and what is happening through her memories. The…

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Lady Gaga and the Chronic Pain of Trauma

"Let’s work together to beckon the world towards kindness." ~ Lady Gaga

In the Netflix documentary, Gaga: Five Foot Two, we witness Lady Gaga moving through her daily life, including how she manages the extreme chronic pain she experiences through her grueling schedule. During her acceptance speech at the ELLE Women in Hollywood event, Lady Gaga appeared to link this chronic pain to…

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The Story of Overcoming Trauma in Disney/Pixar’s ‘Inside-Out’


Spoiler Alert: This post will discuss characters, scenes, and plot points from Disney/Pixar’s “Inside Out” In Disney/Pixar’s “Inside Out”, the character Riley is depicted through her emotional world inside her brain and memories. When we first meet Riley, she is a happy 11-year old girl living in Minnesota with her mom and…

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Review of “EMDR” Documentary

EMDR Documentary - YouTube

In 2011, Michael Burns directed a documentary entitled “EMDR: A Documentary Film.” This documentary tells the story of how EMDR was discovered, how it works, and who it helps, through interviews with the founder of EMDR, therapists, researchers, and clients. We are introduced to the founder of EMDR and her…

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EMDR and the Integration of Equine Therapy

Austin Jones, a Boy Scout with Troop 69 out of Columbus, Gal., pets "Scout" during a visit to The Warrior Outreach Ranch March 11, 2017. Warrior Outreach Ranch is a nonprofit organization for veterans and family members to relax and unwind through equine therapy. ~ Author: Maj. Michelle Lunato ~ Public Domain

Written by guest blogger, Elizabeth Clark, LPC.   EMDR and the integration of Equine Therapy are being used at Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch. This unique use of EMDR helps troubled kids move through old traumas and integrate their work through riding horses. Rhythmic Riding Groups help the children learn self-regulation…

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