Books on How to Work with Addictions and EMDR Therapy

"PET_-_Human_Addiction" by Nora Volkow via Wikipedia (CC- CreativeCommons)

Therapists interested in learning more about working with addictions through the lens of trauma, and  how to stabilize clients using EMDR Therapy to give clients ease in their body and mind might be interested in the following sample of the books that Barb Maiberger and John Gray recommend in their EMDR Advanced Training, “Addictions and EMDR Therapy

More EMDR Therapy Books can be found in EMDR Therapy Resources page.

We hope these resources will help therapists build a library of knowledge in using EMDR Therapy successfully with clients struggling with addictions.


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Image Source: “PET_-_Human_Addiction” by Nora Volkow via Wikipedia Commons (CC- CreativeCommons)