Somatic Psychology and EMDR Therapy

"car accident" by VladArtist

This blog post was written by guest blogger Dr. Arielle Schwartz, and was originally posted on her blog. A Synthesis of Healing A driver made a turn in front of me and suddenly I pressed hard on the brakes. My car slowed in the middle of a busy intersection. Crash!…

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EMDR and Addictions: Feeling State Protocol

Depression Man Marital Status Mood People

Written by guest blogger, Crystal Whitlow, LCSW, Certified EMDR Therapist and EMDRIA Approved Consultant.  Although I had never been particularly interested in addictions work, I recently attended a workshop on the “Feeling State Protocol for Addictions” with Dr. Robert Miller, at the 2012 EMDRIA Conference in Washington, DC. Dr. Miller developed…

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2013 Changes to the Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) Codes

Mark G. Doherty, CAE, Executive Director of the EMDR International Association sent out an email recently to let all therapists know that in 2013 there will be some changes in the Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes that will affect you directly. The following are resources to help you navigate this…

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Polyvagal Theory and EMDR


Written by guest blogger, Arielle Schwartz, PhD.  Licensed Clinical Psychologist, EMDR Consultant   As an EMDR consultant and co-developer of several EMDR Advanced Trainings at the Maiberger institute I have had many opportunities to present on the work of Dr. Stephen Porges and the Polyvagal Theory.  Seeing Dr. Porges at the…

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Adolescents with Internet Addiction Disorder

In the EDMRIA Journal of EMDR Practice and Research (Volume 6, Number 2, 2012), there is an article entitled “Desensitization of Triggers and Urge Reprocessing for an Adolescent With Internet Addiction Disorder” by Hwallip Bae and Daeho Kim. Both are working in hospitals in South Korea. They state that up…

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2012 EMDRIA Conference Registration is Now OPEN

The 2012 EMDRIA Conference is open for registration and the theme will be “EMDR & Attachment: Healing Developmental Trauma”. It will be held Oct. 4 – 7, 2012 in Washington, D.C. It is a great opportunity to learn more about EMDR and network with fellow EMDR therapists from around the…

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EMDR Therapy Featured in New York Times

The  March 2, 2012 edition of the New York Times featured a Q&A session with Dr. Francine Shapiro, the originator of EMDR, on the evidence on EMDR, one of the most highly researched therapies out there. She stated that the American Psychiatric Association (2004), Department of Veterans Affairs and Department of…

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Top 5 EMDR Books for Treating Children

These are my top 5 picks on working with children. I have tried to include a variety of resources that will cover many age ranges. I highly recommend studying with the experts in person whenever you get a chance. Many of these authors teach at the EMDRIA conferences or offer…

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EMDR Treatment of Migraines


    In the latest Journal of EMDR Practice and Research: Volume 5- Number 4, 2011, a study was done on the treatment of EMDR and migraines. This study was done in Istanbul hospital to see how effective EMDR in the treatment of trauma related to headaches. The sample was…

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