What if I have already taken the “Level 1” of EMDR Basic Training before 2008? Am I considered trained in EMDR Therapy?

If a therapist participated in “Level 1” of an EMDRIA approved EMDR Basic Training prior to 2008 (and did not participate in Part 2), EMDRIA would not consider that therapist to be fully trained in EMDR Therapy.  The therapist would need to complete their training in order to practice EMDR Therapy. If a therapist completed both “Level I” and “Level II” EMDR Basic Training prior to 2008, EMDRIA would consider that therapist trained in EMDR Therapy. After 2008, therapist must completed EMDR Training Part 1, Part 2, and 10 hours of Group Consultation in order to be trained in EMDR Therapy. Please contact us for more information on how to complete your EMDR training through the Maiberger Institute.

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