8 Phases of Remote EMDR Therapy

Now is the best time for therapists to lean into the important role they play in resourcing their communities, and it is always now. - Remote EMDR Therapy - Maiberger Institute

In recent consultation sessions, more and more EMDR therapists have been asking: how do I do remote EMDR therapy? For some therapists and clients, the transition from in-person sessions in an office to remote EMDR therapy sessions from their homes can feel as natural as breathing, while for others it…

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My Journey to EMDR Therapy

"Our Intention Creates Our Reality" - Wayne-Dyer

  “Our intention creates our reality” – Wayne Dyer …I have experienced the accuracy of this statement throughout the past two decades of my life. I encountered a powerful shift when I realized that I no longer had to be afraid of reaching beyond what I believed I was capable…

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EMDR Therapy and Our Internal Wisdom of Healing

"Mr Pipo speech balloon" by Nevit Dilmen (Wikimedia Commons)

When adults experience anxiety, depression, body image issues, as well as, just feeling stuck in their lives, that’s when they often come into therapy to experience EMDR Therapy. EMDR therapy allows clients to release beliefs that have been holding them back from reaching their potential and connects them with who they…

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EMDR Therapy, My Journey as an EMDR Therapist

"If you don't like the road you're walking, start paving another one." ~ Dolly Parton

There is nothing more satisfying than finding what you were meant to do with your life and having the key to unlock the door to fulfill your purpose. For years, I had been standing in front of that door with keys I believed would unlock the door but for some…

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