Reading List for 2015 EMDRIA Conference

Image Source: "Philadelphia skyline from south street bridge" by Bmoredlj via WikimediaCommons (CC)

Today is the first day of the 2015 EMDRIA Conference (Aug. 27th – 30th), which is being held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania year. The theme of the EMDRIA Conference this year is “The Freedom to Heal.”

Bringing EMDR Therapy to more and more people is helping the world heal from trauma, and changing lives profoundly. Attending the conference is a great way for therapists to gain new skills and knowledge to deepen their practices of EMDR Therapy.

The 2015 EMDRIA Conference includes four days of exciting presenters on EMDR Therapy with special situations and populations, neurobiology of trauma, as well as, clinical practice of EMDR Therapy.

For therapists interested in learning more about this year’s EMDRIA Conference presenters, below is a list of books some of the presenters have written that may help therapists gain more insight into trauma and EMDR Therapy:

You can find more EMDR Therapy Books under EMDR Therapy Tools & Resources.


More EMDR Therapy Books


Image Source: “Philadelphia skyline from south street bridge” by Bmoredlj via WikimediaCommons (CC)