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The EMDR Research Foundation is helping therapists find ways to research and support EMDR. EMDR Research Foundation relies on continued support from EMDR therapists who believe in the value of EMDR.

The two studies that received the grants ($10,000 each):

  • Pre-intra- and post= treatment EEG imaging of EMDR therapy related changes in a cortical of patients and healthy controls, conducted by Marco Pagani, Senior Researcher with the Institute of Cognitive Sciences and Technologies, CNR in Rome and Padua, Italy. They will be looking at cortical activations occurring during EMDR therapy using eye movement.
  • A Functional neuroimaging study in PTSD patients versus healthy controls before and after EMDR psychotherapy: implications for the neurobiological mechanism of action of EMDR, conducted by Benedikt Amann in Spain. PTSD patients will undergo pre- and post-treatment of MRI scanning during trauma evoking and processing.

In order to keep funding research, the Foundation is inviting EMDRIA members to become Charter Members. You can pledge $15.00 a month to become a Charter Member of the Foundation’s Visionary Alliance. This is a tax-deductible contribution.

Charter Members are also eligible to win prizes:

  • One-Year subscription to EMDR Therapist Network
  • One week accommodations to a deluxe resort
  • Tac-Audio Scan
  • A CE Distance Learning from Trauma Institute & Child Trauma Institute
  • and more

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