Recap of 2011 EMDRIA Conference

I recently attended the 2011 EMDRIA Conference: “Healing the Many Faces of Trauma” in Orange County, California where nearly 900 EMDR therapists came together to learn more about EMDR. There were many wonderful topics and incredible speakers in this four-day event.

Some of the highlights were hearing Dr. Francine Shapiro speak on the updates in research in EMDR. She showed some powerful videos of therapists around the world helping people move through trauma with EMDR. Another important speaker was Daniel Siegel, author of “Mindsight,” helping therapists understand the science of healing and the power of meditation.

I also heard topics on:

  • “Breaking Impulse-Control Disorders” presented by Dr. Robert Miller
  • “Targeting Oppression, Presented” by Uri Bergmann, Diane DesPlantes, Sharon Enjady, Joseph Fitzgerald, K. Olivia Janis, Alicia Avila Outcalt
  • “EMDR and the ICONN Protocol for Schizophrenia” presented by Dr. Paul Miller
  • “Repairing the Attachment System Through the Use of EMDR, Play and Creativity” presented by Ana Gomez
  • “Sex Addiction Treatment” presented by Dr. Melissa Perrin

There were many presenters to choose from and I always am torn of which ones to attend since I want to hear everything!

Along with some great information, I got to network with some of my favorite EMDR mentors such as Laurel Parnell, author of “Tapping In,” and “A Therapist’s Guide to EMDR,” and Robin Shapiro, editor of “EMDR Solutions” and “EMDR Solutions II“.  Both women have made powerful contributions to the field of EMDR, and helping therapists advance their skills. I always enjoy catching up with what they are now doing!

As you can see it was a full four days of networking with other EMDR trainers and finding out what is new in EMDR. I highly recommend that if you are an EMDR therapist that you attend next year’s event in Washington DC, Oct. 4 – 7, 2012.

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