Olga Vera, PhD, LP

Olga Vera, PhD, LP (Boulder, Colorado 80301)Olga M. Vera, PhD, LP is a licensed Clinical Psychologist who has over 24 years of experience in the mental health field. She is currently the Program Director for the Maiberger Institute, Facilitator of EMDR Basic Trainings. Olga is also the Director of the Employee Assistance Program for the University of Colorado at Boulder, and President of the Colorado Psychological Association. Olga has a thriving private practice in Boulder Colorado that focuses on EMDR consultation and treatment. She is considered a trauma expert in Colorado and has worked in a variety of settings working with traumatized individuals, families and organizational systems in a variety of capacities including clinical/threat assessment, treatment, consultation, crisis debriefing and trainings. She collaborates extensively with the Police Department Chairing the Behavioral Intervention Team and providing other debriefing services.

Prior to working at the university Dr. Olga Vera was the Executive Clinical Director for a non-profit agency in Denver that worked with Denver police department and Denver social services in working with traumatized children and families. She also worked at UCLA and the Santa Monica Rape Treatment Center in Collaboration with the Santa Monica Police Department. During her time in Los Angeles she volunteered to work with the Los Angeles Police Department and the American Red Cross to provided critical incident debriefings for the police officers.

Olga is an EMDRIA certified EMDR therapist, consultant, and training facilitator for the Maiberger institute. She is intensively trained DBT therapist and considered a trauma expert with extensive experience working with trauma related issues and collaborating with the police department. Her areas of focus include, trauma, threat assessments, depression/anxiety, spirituality, couples issues, diversity and health related issue. She draws from a variety of treatment modalities including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, TF-CBT, Hakomi, PACT Couple Therapy and Systems Approach.

She is presently the President of the Colorado Psychological Association and past Board of Director and Treasurer for the Colorado Psychological Association. During her years as an EAP Director, she served as President of the International Association of EAP in Higher Education. She was also the past Treasurer and past Vice President for the Colorado EAP Chapter for the State of Colorado. Currently Olga is a Member of the American Psychological Association and the International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies, EAP Roundtable, and The International Association of EAP in Higher Education.

With over 12 years of EMDR experience the majority of her clients are referred to her for this treatment. It can quickly and effectively assist with PTSD, Accidents, Abuse, Anxiety, Panic, Phobia, Relationships, Grief, spiritual crisis, and many other conditions. Many of her referrals are EMDR therapist wanting to experience and understand EMDR Therapy as clients. She also consults with therapists to become EMDR certified therapists and consultants.

Her journey with EMDR was very insightful. She initially trained back in 2003 when she moved to Boulder Colorado from Los Angeles. She was initially skeptical of this approach but knew that she had to learn a new therapy modality that would allow her to work with her clients. When she was in Los Angeles she worked with rape victims at Santa Monica Rape treatment center and collaborated with Los Angeles police department to perform debriefing. Olga realized that she did not have all the skills she needed to be effective so she was on a journey to find an approach that would access the root and reduce PTSD symptoms for her clients in the most effective way.

When Olga moved to Boulder she found herself with the same dilemma as she embarked on her work with traumatized individuals and systems in collaboration with the police department. She heard from a colleague about EMDR and the effectiveness. She decided to take the training in 2003 and was initially hesitant in continuing because it was not evidence based at that point. Olga initially found herself judging it.

When she decided to implement EMDR with her first few clients she realized the power of the process and she was immediately in love with EMDR. Olga decided to continue to learn and take advance courses. Then she had a personal bike accident, which truly tested her love for EMDR Therapy. She almost died in that bike accident and months later developed PTSD. She found during that journey not being able to do the very thing she loved which is to take her road bike to all the majestic areas of the Rocky Mountains, so she decided to see an EMDR therapist. She is now grateful that she can enjoy the beautiful scenery that Colorado has to offer on her bike because of the healing power of EMDR Therapy.

Olga was so excited by the healing that EMDR had to offer that she decided to move toward certification to become a certified EMDR therapist and consultant. During her certification process she met Barb Maiberger. She instantly fell in love with Barb and her approach to training other professionals. Since their initial contact they have been on this precious journey both on a personal level and on a professional level. Olga is presently the Program Director for the Maiberger Institute and facilitates EMDR Basic Trainings and provides consultation. There is not one day where she doesn’t say how much she appreciates what EMDR has done for her personally, her communities and her clients.

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