Support EMDR Research Foundation For Chance to Win Prizes


The EMDR Research Foundation is inviting therapists to become a “Visionary Alliance” member to help support EMDR research. Their mission is to “invest in the wellbeing of people everywhere”. To become a a “Visionary Alliance” member, you can donate as little as $15.00 a month which helps fund EMDR research. Right now there is more studies then money to support the research. Your donation by becoming a a “Visionary Alliance” member will help those people doing the research to meet their goals.

If you join now, you will have a chance to win some amazing prizes. Also if you are already a a “Visionary Alliance” member, if you increase your monthly donation by $5.00 you will also be entered to win. You must enroll or increase your donation by December 31, 2012.

Prizes will include:

  • A wonderful vacation time share week valued at $2000;
  • A 1 year EMDR Therapist Network Membership;
  • An emWave2 from HeartMath;
  • A winner’s choice of any book from the Child Trauma Institute;
  • A TacAudio Scan from Neurotek Corporation, or
  • A Celtic Art Therapy Plate from Ravensdaughter Design.

All of the prizes have been donated by people who believe in EMDR, and that research is a vital part of keeping EMDR alive and current.

You can also like the EMDR Research Foundation on Facebook where you can receive research highlights, updates on grant deadlines and any news about the Foundation.

Join the “Visionary Alliance” or increase your pledge Right Now!

EMDR Research Foundation
5806 Mesa Drive, Suite 360
Austin, TX 78731