How EMDR Fits Into the 2011 DORA LPC License Renewal Program

The application and license renewal deadline for LPCs is just around the corner for those in Colorado (August 31, 2011).  As many of you know, DORA has implemented some changes in the requirements for the renewal process.

Below, I have outlined some ways for LPCs to incorporate programs offered by the Maiberger Institute into their Continued Professional Development (CPD) Program.

The following information is based on the document titled “Licensed Professional Counselors Portfolio” (LPCP):


Per DORA, LPCs will need to accrue 40 Professional Development Hours (PDH) in 2 years, starting September 1, 2011 to August 31, 2013.

No more than 20 hours may be accrued in a single activity category during the renewal cycle.

There are the 6 Categories PDH:

  1. Volunteer Service
  2. Mentor/Supervision
  3. Presenting
  4. Coursework
  5. Independent Learning
  6. Group Learning


Below are the PDH Categories that are applicable to the programs offered by the Maiberger Institute.

1.  Independent Learning:

  • Case Consultation: Individual Consultations with Barb Maiberger counts toward this requirement.  You must use the DORA form “Independent/Group Learning Form” (page 32 of LPCP) to track dates, resources, topic areas, and summary of activities.  This is NOT the same as “Mentoring/Supervision.”  Group Consultations would not fit into this category either.
  • Reading: Reading EMDR related books or journals that the Maiberger Institute recommended would fit into this category.  You will need to track your hours of learning.
  • Publication: Writing a blog post for the Maibeger Institute would certainly count in this category.  Please contact Barb Maiberger prior to your submission to DORA to discuss topics.


2.  Group Learning:

EMDR Group Consultation with Barb Maiberger would meet this requirement under “Study Group for EMDR“.  You must use the DORA form “Independent/Group Learning Form” (page 32 of LPCP) to track dates, resources, topic areas, and summary of activities.  For those who are taking EMDR Basic Training, your group consultation will not count toward DORA in this category; this would fall under Coursework.

3.  Coursework:

  • EMDR Basic Training: Consists of 50 hours of training – you will be able to count 20 hours toward your Coursework requirement. Your “Certificate of Completion” will be proof that you completed those hours.  You cannot count any hours until you’ve completed your EMDR Basic Training, and received your “Certificate of Completion”.
  • Advanced EMDR Workshops: One workshop consists of 12 hours of training – you could count all 12 of those hours toward your Coursework requirement. If you take more than one course, you can only count up to 20 hours of Coursework. Your “Certificate of Completion” will be proof that you completed those hours.


There are many other ways to complete your Learning Plan.  Go to DORA’s website for a complete list of professional activities.

We found the following sites and documents to be most useful:

DORA Mental Health Licensing  Section:

Licensed Professional Counselors Portfolio (LPCP).

DORA’s CPD Portal:


There are other documents you will need, but the one’s above are a good starting point.

The information above is our interpretation of DORA’s requirements. In the end, DORA will have final say in terms of what does or does not fit into their requirements.  We only covered requirements for LPCs.  Please look on DORA’s website for details on licensing for Certified Addictions Counselors, Marriage and Family Therapists, and Social Workers.

Give yourself at least a full day to look over all the documents, to create your Learning Plan, and to submit your material.

We hope this information will be useful in renewing your LPC license, and look forward to having  the Maiberger Institute fit into your Continued Professional Development.